‘I’m a lawn expert – this is how to fix yellow grass in the late autumn’

An expert uploaded a video to YouTube sharing his simple trick to giving his lawn its green colour back as grass turns yellow in the late autumn.

The YouTube creator began his video by warning viewers that his video was “for entertainment purposes only” as his tip might “might damage your lawn”.

He then began: “In my last video we talked about yellow lawns and what was causing that, so in this video we’re going to have a look and see at a product that’s going to help to green it up.

“Now before we start into that, there’s a lot of leaves and a lot of worm casts on the lawn, so we’re going to get those lifted and  then we’ll get more into the video.”

The content creator explained that yellow grass appears as we approach winter and there is less sunlight and the grass can’t store as much energy, but it could also be from a lack of iron or from cold winds.

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He then advised viewers to wear PPE before starting the treatment, emphasising the importance of wearing goggles or glasses, and a pair of gloves.

He also pointed out that pets need to be kept off the lawn during the treatment until it has been watered – up to two days after treatment if it doesn’t rain.

The YouTuber then proceeded to fertilise the lawn, using a product called Lawn Sand, which he said can be bought from any garden centre or even Amazon.

Lawn Sand is a treatment that is made up of three ingredients – ferrous sulphate – which is sulphate of iron  – ammonia sulphate, sulphate of ammonia, and sand.

The main active ingredient is ferrous sulphate and this will provide some colour, and it also keeps the moss in check.

The gardening expert continued: “Now any time you fill up a spreader or you work with this stuff, always make sure that you’re not on hard surfaces, paving, decking, concrete – because the iron stains everything.

“So if you’re going  to do any mixing, always do it on the lawn.”

The expert added that the product not only revitalises the colour of the grass but also discourages earthworms. 

He remarked: “I’ve only put on a half dose of the Lawn Sand. The product I was using was three percent nitrogen, and I don’t want to encourage too much growth.

“But I still want to have a bit of green up, and we’re going to control the worms.”

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