You can get 10% off SmartAir Boost that can help cut heating bills

Bargain hunters keeping their eyes peeled for clever home gadgets this Black Friday may want to check out HSTV’s deal on the nifty SmartAir BOOST heater fan

This energy-efficient system could help you cut your heating bills this winter as it improves your radiator’s circulation of warm air, heating up your room faster and more efficiently.

Usually it costs £49.99 but HSTV is currently offering an extra 10% off AND free standard delivery as part of its Black Friday deals. Simply use the code BLACK10 at checkout.

You can buy it here but you’ll need to do so by the 26th November when the offer expires.

The SmartAir BOOST heater fan is worth having on your radar this winter. The patent-pending, portable, heat circulator that re-directs the heat from your radiator into the room where you are, rather than into the walls or out the window, so it can make for a more efficient way of heating your home. 

Plus as it’s compact and portable, you can move it to the room you’re using – or even in a spare room where you’re hanging laundry to help it dry that little bit quicker. 

It’s designed to improve heat circulation;  rather than letting all your heat rise to slowly heat your room from the ceiling down, SmartAir BOOST heater fan redirects rising heat from the radiator and accelerates it forward, boosting and improving the heat distribution more effectively. 

You can choose between manual or automatic – and it’s just a case of flicking a switch to change modes. 

It’s estimated that the SmartAir BOOST heater fan costs less than a penny to run for an hour [calculated using Ofgem UK price cap per kWh as of October 2022].

It’s easy to use too; there’s no installation required as you simply place it on your radiator.

You can get yours today on the HSTV website.  

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