Vladimir Putin misery as new electric car mocked as ‘ugliest EVER designed’ | World | News

Vladimir Putin’s brand-new electric car has been described as the ugliest car ever designed after it was unveiled.

Designed in collaboration with Moscow Polytechnic University and earlier this week dubbed the ‘Tesla killer’, the new Avtotor Amber has caused a stir online for all the wrong reasons.

According to its manufacturers, it is 100 percent Russian and is so ugly it has become a meme in Ukraine where Russia is currently at war.

The car will be produced at Avtotor’s factory in Kaliningrad, a factory which used to produce Fords, Hyundais, Kias, and Hyundais.

Production of the curious-looking vehicle will begin in 2025 and they hope to build 50,000 units a year.

Before then it is certain to rack up wave after wave of criticism as people view it for the first time and comment on its looks.

On X one person wrote: “All the real designers have left Russia. The Avtotor Amber will go down in history as the ugliest car ever designed.”

Another said: “The Fiat Multipla is no longer the ugliest car in the world.”

A third commented: “Congrats to Russia for making the Avtotor Amber, which resembles Milhouse without his glasses on.”

A fourth joked: “Now we finally understand why Russian soldiers were stealing washing machines from Ukraine. They needed them to paint them red and put wheels on them.”

According to TF1, Russia has been slower than other countries to accommodate and encourage the use of electric vehicles.

The Moscow Times reported that they account for just under half of point one of a percent of electric car sales. In Russia’s capital, just 3,500 electric cars have been registered.

News of the Avtotor’s release comes as Korean car marker Hyundai announced it was selling its plant in the country after they invaded Ukraine.

The company said it would be selling the facility for just £85 (10,000 rubles), and the company is expected to lose around £173million.

In a statement, Russia’s Industry and Trade Minister, Denis Manturov, said: “Hyundai and Art-Finance are clarifying the parameters of the deal, including the buyback option.”

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