Toyota Sport Crossover Concept EV to be sold outside China – co-developed with BYD and FAW

The Toyota Sport Crossover Concept EV that was shown at Toyota’s Kenshiki forum in Brussels, Belgium will enter the European market after all, the manufacturer confirms. A production version of the fastback crossover will see a European launch in 2025, Car Expert reported.

First shown in April this year at Auto Shanghai, as the bZ Sport Crossover Concept, the Sport Crossover Concept is a joint development between Toyota, and BYD and FAW, through a joint venture named BYD Toyota EV Technology (BTET).

There is little in the way of technical details on the Sport Crossover Concept, though the interior of the bZ Sport Crossover Concept this is based on could also apply to here, with that car’s minimalist dashboard featuring a pair of floating display screens for driver instrumentation and infotainment, along with a steering yoke.

Toyota Sport Crossover Concept EV to be sold outside China – co-developed with BYD and FAW

Where the Sport Crossover Concept differs from the first bZ iteration is in the omission of its roof-mounted lidar sensor, along with its front fender trim. Its sleek shape is aided by creases in its body panels and wheel arches, while its tail lamps echo the design of the headlamps, itself a look also found on the Crown Sport SUV.

Another model that is a joint effort between Toyota, BYD and FAW is the bZ3, a fastback EV that packs a BYD Blade lithium iron phosphate battery that offers up to 600 km on the China Light-Duty Vehicle Test Cycle (CLTC). That model features a BYD-sourced electric motor on its front axle, offering either 184 PS or 245 PS.

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