This Aromatherapy Shower Spray Smells Like God’s Armpit

I like a fancy pair of headphones or a gorgeous TV as much as the next nerd, but these days what really gets me going is European Spa Source’s Eucalyptus Shower Spa Mist…

No, I’m serious. It’s not a new piece of tech, but have you ever wondered why fancy hotel spas smell like the inside of God’s armpit but your bathroom smells like dirty washcloths? It’s this stuff. A few spritzes of spa mist before I hop in the shower, and my entire brain feels like it’s getting a massage while the steam builds up around me.

It really is that good. Pair it with my brand new dual shower head and some nice-smelling soaps, and my entire bathing experience has been overhauled. I highly suggest you give it a try if you value your shower time.

Into the Mist

Shower sprays are nothing new to aromatherapy nuts, but for normies like me they are a revolution. The small bottles come in a variety of sizes and aromas from various brands. My family found this one when my Dad asked a fancy spa he went to in the American Southwest what their special flavor was. The way he gifted everyone in my family a bottle for Christmas last year, it felt like he was like Indiana Jones sharing a relic he found in an ancient temple. I didn’t understand why he was so excited until I tried it.

This particular aroma is one of the most joyous and uplifting scents I’ve ever smelled. The eucalyptus is bright and almost minty when you spray it in a confined space like my small bathroom, with a hint of citrus or lemongrass that lingers in the air. It’s a lovely way to wake up your sinuses (and your outlook) on a dark Portland, Oregon morning.

At this point, when I shower without it (on vacations, at the gym), I genuinely feel like I have a worse day afterward. I’ve started bringing it with me places I can’t fly, like a much lamer Beyoncé with her hot sauce.

I am a reviewer at heart, so I’ve tried a number of recommended shower scent options on Amazon. So far, European Spa Source is the only brand I can trust for the full Armpit Of God effect. None have come close to the brightness and striking cool that comes into my sinuses with a few sprays of European Mist. However, I am interested in trying other scents from the brand; they have one with Lavender that I think I’ll snag when this bottle runs out.

They last a while, though. The $30 price is a lot for something that just smells good, but I have been getting months out of each bottle, even with extra sprays to make my house smell better during off-shower times (I may have a problem). The stuff is also oddly good at cutting off bad scents; you can lean on it after a particularly stinky number two, or when the rest of your house smells like it’s had two dogs snoring in it all day.

It doesn’t have wires, and it can’t play my favorite songs, but pair this with a shower speaker and some Spotify, and this shower spray is easily on my list of Gear of the Year.

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