PET CT Scan in Bangalore


PET Ct scan in Bangalore is one of the most advanced medical imaging techniques. It uses radioactive tracers to create detailed images of organs and body parts. This can help doctors diagnose diseases and provide treatment faster and more accurately. The technology is also used to monitor the progress of patients who are being treated for cancer. In addition to its use in diagnosing cancer, the PET CT scanner can also detect other diseases and conditions such as heart disease, inflammation, and diabetes. It is important to know how much a Pet Ct scan in Bangalore costs before making an appointment.

The cost of a PET-CT scan can vary greatly between hospitals and insurance providers. This is because different insurers have different coverage policies and reimbursement rates. It is best to contact your health insurance provider directly for specific information about your coverage. It is also a good idea to ask your doctor about any insurance plans that they offer.

A PET scan is an MRI-like diagnostic tool that can help physicians see how a tumor or disease is responding to treatment. A PET scan can also be used to determine how far a cancer has spread and to help plan surgery. The procedure is quick and painless, with minimal discomfort. It is important to wear loose-fitting clothes without metal buttons or zippers. You should also avoid wearing jewelry on the day of the test. If you are diabetic, it is important to bring your blood sugar level report with you.

PET CT Scan in Bangalore

MS Ramaiah Memorial Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital that offers a wide range of medical services. Its PET CT scan is a state-of-the-art facility that can be used to diagnose a variety of disorders. The hospital is staffed by expert radiologists and nuclear medicine technologists and is equipped with the latest equipment. Its team of specialists includes a dedicated team of cancer surgeons and radiation oncologists.

Mazumdar Shaw Medical Centre is a leading healthcare provider with several innovative technologies and services. Its PET-CT scan facility is a highly advanced tool for diagnosis of cancer and other diseases. The hospital’s experts have the expertise to perform a PET CT scan and to help patients understand the results of their test.

The hospital’s specialized PET-CT facility can provide patients with detailed images of their internal structures. The test combines two diagnostic techniques – Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Computed Tomography (CT). It is a safe and accurate way to visualize the structure of the body. A PET-CT scan is also useful for determining the location of tumors and assessing their size and shape.

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