Pepsi fans gutted as popular flavour axed in the run up to Christmas

Pepsi fans will be left gutted after a popular festive flavour has been pulled from the shelves.

With the countdown to Christmas well and truly on, many shoppers will be already thinking about stocking up in time for the big day. Especially with food and drink playing such a big part in family celebrations.

But Pepsi has revealed fans won’t be able to get their hands on one of their festive favourites this Christmas, reports the Daily Star. Launched six years ago, Pepsi Max Ginger Christmas has become a favourite for many.

It features a unique blend of natural ginger flavour. The beverage was available in various sizes, from 330ml cans to 2L bottles.

Now fizzy drink lovers will have to find a new flavour this Christmas. Pepsi confirmed on X, formerly Twitter, that the Ginger flavour has been discontinued.

It led to heartbreak for some customers as Pepsi instead pointed people towards its newer mango flavour. One social media user commented: “Please bring back Pepsi Max Ginger.”

Another added: “Pepsi Max Ginger was the best. Pepsi Max please bring it back.”

Pepsi MAX Mango has been described as the brand’s “best ever” new addition. Pepsi’s range feature over eight flavours, including diet, caffeine-free and original variants.

The new Mango flavour is set to join Raspberry, Cherry and Lime in Pepsi’s fruity line-up. Last Christmas, Pepsi celebrated the World Cup with a limited edition Nutmeg flavour.

Speaking about Pepsi’s latest change, Tom Church, co-founder of, said: “Change is a constant in the beverage industry.

“And while it’s always sad to see a favourite go, it opens doors to new flavours and experiences. Pepsi’s shift towards new varieties reflects the evolving tastes of consumers and the dynamic nature of the market.”

Recently, people were only realising the meaning behind Pepsi’s name and it blew their minds. The popular soda was first invented in 1893 as Brad’s Drink by pharmacist Caleb Bradham.

It was created as a way to promote digestion. And now the rest is history.

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