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#Vital Impacts

November 21, 2023

Grace Ebert

Tim Flach, “Flamingo Reflections.” All images courtesy of Vital Impacts, shared with permission

Since launching a few years ago, Vital Impacts (previously) has raised more than $2 million for conservation and humanitarian efforts. The nonprofit hosts annual print sales to raise funds for various causes, bringing together hundreds of photographers from around the globe who document the beauty and unexpected moments of the natural world. This year’s initiative encompasses images of both the minuscule and the vast, from a close-up of the tiny, bulbous tentacles of a blue button jellyfish to a stunning composite of a star being born.

Proceeds from the sale will go toward Retei Elephant Sanctuary, Africa’s first Indigenous-owned and-run group seeking to return 13 orphaned elephants to the wild. Shop the collection on Vital Impacts.


jane goodall bends her head to an outstreached primate hand

Michael Nichols, Jou Jou and Dr. Jane Goodall, Brazzaville Zoo, Republic of Congo (1990)

a black and white photo of a lightning strike emerging from a massive cloud and hitting the ground along the horizon

Mitch Dobrowner, “Lightning Strikes”

a woman crouches down to grasp a tiny baby elephant

Ami Vitale, “Mary and Lodokejek”

an elephant swims in a pool

Jody MacDonald, “Rajan Morning Walk”

a gassy expanses of yellow, beige, red, and purple with bright stars

James Webb Telescope, “Birth of Sun-like Stars”

an edited image of deer in a gorge environment colored with pink and blue

Jim Naughten, “Muledeer”

two tiny owls each lift a leg and look straight at the camera

Javier Aznar, “Two Owls”

David Liittschwager, “Blue Button”

two white birds tussle mid-flight on a completely white snowy backdrop

Michelle Valberg, “Mid-Air Flurry”

#Vital Impacts


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