‘Miracle’ cleaning hack to brighten discoloured shower grout

Have you ever spent an evening trying to scrub at browned grout, only to realise it’s done absolutely nothing?

One of the most frustrating cleaning processes is when you put in such hard work, but the glistening results you were hoping for don’t come to fruition.

All that scrubbing without the satisfaction of a sparkly clean aftermath is disheartening.

Thankfully, Home renovation and makeover show Home Made Simple has revealed the cleaning hack to brighten up dirty-looking grout.

Vinegar is considered the “miracle ingredient” that can work in as little as five minutes.

All you need to do is fill a spray bottle with equal parts distilled white vinegar and warm water.

Give the mixture a good shake, then spray the affected grout and leave it alone for five minutes to let the vinegar work its magic.

Once the vinegar has been absorbed, scrub the grout with a brush made of stiff bristles and nylon.

Your local hardware store will sell the correct brush, or you can order it online.

The next step is to use a damp cloth to wipe away all the moisture, then you should have lovely clean grout in front of you.

There are other bathroom cleaning jobs which require tending to once in a while.

Examples include putting any bath mats into the washing machine and sorting out clogged drains.

Hair tends to clog the shower drain, so a drain cleaner can be used to dissolve gross hair lumps.

Another way to spruce up the bathroom is to clean the showerhead, but here’s a cleaning hack that makes it easy.

Before calling it a night, soak your showerhead in a vinegar and hot water solution.

You can do this by mixing half and half of vinegar and hot water in a sandwich bag.

Then seal the bag to the shower arm using a rubber band, for example. By the morning, the shower head should look glistening clean.

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