How to remove extractor fan grease in ‘seconds’ with 99p common spray

Extractor hood filters are the fine mesh grates that are beneath the hood. They serve to keep the grease in the kitchen that cooking smoke contains out of the extraction vents to avoid them being clogged and more expensive cleaning tasks being necessary.

As your cooking hood lives right above your hob and its primary purpose is to draw up the smoke or steam that your cooking food gives off, there’s no avoiding it getting slightly greasy over time.

What can be avoided, though, is a thick layer of grease building up and making it both dirty and less effective.

The longer you put off cleaning your extractor hood and filter, the less effective it will be and the harder you’ll have to work to get it clean.

To restore extractor fan filters back to their original state, Amy James took to the Mrs Hinch Army Cleaning Tips Facebook page to share her top tip.

She wrote: “So I’ve used absolutely every type of cleaning product upon these for my extractor fan. Elbow Grease has done it within seconds and has made it come up brand new.”

Alongside the post, Amy shared a picture of one of the filters that was half covered in grease and the other side appeared to be sparkling clean.

When asked about the cleaning process by fellow group members, Amy later wrote in the comments section: “The extractor fan was in when we moved in here and the last owner wasn’t a Hincher shall we say.

“I’ve tried putting them in the dishwasher and they still felt covered in grease. I’ve left them to soak, I’ve scrubbed with Cilit Bang but still no success.

“When we turned the fan on it smelt and I was adamant that we would have to buy a whole new extractor system.

“Then I just sprayed Elbow Grease on, used a toothbrush (I use for cleaning only) to go over it and it came off straight away. 99p from most stores.”

Browsing the comments, it seems as though Amy isn’t alone in how well Elbow Grease spray works.

Patricia Hawes said: “Yep, Elbow Grease is bloody amazing, I did mine a week ago. Omg I was ashamed. I normally put them in the dishwasher, but not anymore.”

Kerry Shore commented: “They always look sparkling clean when I spray them with Elbow Grease.” Carolyn Covin wrote: “Dishwasher brings them up a treat if you have one. But good to know Elbow Grease works too.”

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