Guava Family Roam Stroller Review (2023): Convenient Jogging Stroller

Once it’s folded, the stroller is considerably smaller than any of the other joggers I’ve tested from Thule and Bob. It looks as small as a standard stroller while folded, but it stands up better than most strollers you’ll find, thanks to the handlebar at the base.

Pump the Brakes

The biggest downside of this jogger is clear: the lack of a hand brake.

It’s usually an included feature in any jogging stroller to better control your pace as you run, especially if you’re running on hills or slopes of any kind. Otherwise, you have to manage the stroller as you run downhill, instead of being able to control the stroller’s speed to match yours.

Some have better hand brakes than others. Thule’s discreet but easy-to-use brake is my personal favorite, which is one of the many reasons it’s our top pick for a jogging stroller. Skipping the hand brake makes the Guava Roam a bad choice for anyone who runs on any kind of slope or wants to be able to control the speed of the stroller without changing their pace.

The foot brake isn’t my favorite, either, because you have to push it up with the top of your foot, instead of down. It’s not intuitive, takes a solid amount of effort, and feels a little uncomfortable on your foot while you do so, especially depending on the thickness of your shoes. There is a safety wrist strap included on the handlebar.

Water Ready

Photograph: Guava Family

Too many expensive strollers skip out on any easy-to-reach storage. You either end up using the base storage or have to buy an additional accessory to hold drinks or wipes near the handlebars. The Guava Roam comes with an included Parent Organizer that has two mesh zipper pouches. One is round for drinks, and the other is square for other necessities like keys, smartphones, or even a pacifier. It has Velcro straps to secure it, and it’s easy to remove if you don’t want to use it.

You can also add on a snack tray for your kiddo to use. I didn’t test the tray, so I can’t speak to how well it works, but I was glad to see that it’s dishwasher-friendly.

Honestly, I really like this jogging stroller. The compact fold makes it feel as convenient to use as a travel stroller—although it’s much heavier—and my kid loves riding in it. But with no hand brake, I’d recommend it for my fellow power walkers, rather than runners. It’s still an intense workout to sprint after your stroller as it rolls downhill out of control, but not exactly one that you might want.

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