Drivers urged to follow daily habit to save fuel – ‘it makes a difference’

With the cost of fuel rising, drivers are searching for ways to save money when it comes to refuelling their cars.

One of the many ways to do this is to search for tricks, or hacks, that can help make fuel go further.

Britons are turning to social media, and TikTok in particular, to seek the advice of motoring experts as they share their top tips on how you can conserve your fuel efficiently.

@Tmsautomotive is a TikTok account with just under 1,600 followers and 19,700 likes on their videos, all things car related.

In one video posted to their page with 16,100 views, @tmsautomotive explained: “If you want to get the most out of your fuel, there’s a few things you can do with the car to make sure that it’s running at optimum.”

The easiest to implement bit of advice the experts at @tmsautomotive recommended is to be light on your throttle inputs.

“Don’t drive like Lewis Hamilton,” the motoring experts joked, “The lighter you are on a throttle, the more fuel efficient your vehicle will be, the less fuel it’s going to use.

“Read the road ahead as well. There’s a big long line of traffic coming up, there’s no point in accelerating all the way up to the back of it and then hammering on the brakes.”

“If you coast up to it, whenever you’re coasting you’re not using fuel, so that’s going to save you a bit,” he added.

“It’s quite surprising, I’ve done a few tests myself, if I drive without paying any attention to it, in my car then I get about 35 to the gallon. If I pay a bit more attention to how I’m driving then I’m up to about 42/43 to the gallon – which over a tank makes a difference of nearly 100 miles.

“So it is well worth just slowing down a bit, taking things a bit more easy, gentler acceleration, and making sure your car’s in good health.”

Another bit of advice is to check your tyre pressures, which can be done by checking your car manufacturer’s recommended PSI (pounds per square inch), then removing the valve cap on your tyre and inserting the pressure gauge into it.

You should press the pressure gauge onto the valve stem until the hissing sound stops, then the gauge will give you a reading. Make a note of the reading and repeat for the other tyres.

It is possible you will have to either let air out of your tires or refill them with air, depending on their pressure.

“Always check your tire pressures. If your tyre pressures are too low, then the rolling resistance is more, so the engine’s got to work harder to drive the car, so you use more fuel,” explained @tmsautomotive to their TikTok followers.

The next step in conserving fuel is to make sure that your car is regularly serviced.

In the video, @tmsautomtive said: “If you’ve got fresh oil in the car, or at least it’s serviced once a year, the internal engine friction is less, that means more efficiency.

“The same goes with your fuel filter. If that’s clear and replaced when it should be, then you get the right amount of fuel flow for the engine.”

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