Changelly Releases Updated Predictions For XRP Price, When Will It Cross $10?

Cryptocurrency exchange Changelly has released an updated prediction for the XRP price that spans almost a decade from now. The prices in the new predictions deviate heavily from their previous predictions, and this time around, the predictions include when the XRP price will cross $10.

XRP Price Will Cross $10 In 2030

While the XRP community members remain very optimistic that the XRP price will cross $10 in the next few years, with a number of crypto analysts presenting chart data to support this, Changelly does not believe that this will happen anytime soon. In fact, for the next couple of years, the crypto exchange expects a lot of growth but double-digits is seemingly off the table.

By 2024, the crypto exchange predicts that the XRP price will reach a max price of $1.11, but still expects it to stay relatively high with a minimum price of around $0.94. In the next few years, the growth is expected to continue, rising to as high as $5 in 2028.

Source: Changelly

However, for the XRP price to reach $10, investors would still have to wait another extra two years according to the report. In 2029, it predicts a maximum price of $8.07. And then finally, in 2030, Changelly expects the price to beat the coveted $10 mark.

Moving further from 2030, expectations are that the price will not fall below $10 again. Rather, it is expected to double in the next two years, hitting as high as $24.95 by the year 2032, which is nine years from now.

XRP price chart from (Changelly)

XRP trending at $0.596 | Source: XRPUSD on

Expecting A Very Underwhelming 2024

The price predictions by Changelly for 2024 broken down into the individual months paints a picture of lackluster performance from the coin. The highest point expected for the XRP price puts it at only a 35% increase from the current price of $0.59 at the time of writing. The expectation given is that the highest price point would come at $0.8.

Changelly’s prediction seems to be a deviation from the norm where a number of predictions expect the XRP price to hit the high prices in the next two years. One crypto analyst known as EGRAG Crypto expects the price of the altcoins to reach $5.5. Interestingly, the analyst expects the price to hit this price in the next two weeks.

Another analyst known as Austin Hilton has also predicted that the XRP price will reach $1.5 once the SEC approves the Spot Bitcoin ETFs. According to Bloomberg analysts, these funds could be approved in January 2024, which means the XRP price could reach $1.5 in a month.

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