Brussels sprouts are ‘crispy and deliciously golden’ in the air fryer

Air fryers can be used to cook almost any vegetable and that includes controversial greens like Brussels sprouts.

The handy appliance can turn the often overcooked and bland sprouts into a tasty dish people actually want to eat with their Christmas dinner.

One food blogger has the perfect recipe using “very little oil” but plenty of flavour to get the veggies tasting great.

Sharing the recipe on her website Rachel Cooks, Rachel Gurk claimed that the results are “crispy and deliciously golden brown” sprouts.

She credited them to “the magic of the air fryer” but complemented the flavours with her homemade hot honey glaze.

Air fryer Brussels sprouts recipe

Prepare the Brussels sprouts by giving them a good rinse, then trim off the bottom stem end of each one and remove any brown or tough outer leaves.

Cut the sprouts into perfect halves from top to bottom and place them into a medium-sized bowl ready to be seasoned.

Pour in the olive oil and add plenty of salt and pepper to taste, along with any other herbs and spices like chilli flakes or garlic granules.

Cooking the sprouts couldn’t be easier as they take just eight minutes in the air fryer. Simply set it to 195C then add the seasoned Brussels sprouts to the basket.

Rachel said: “Cook for eight to 10 minutes, or until golden brown, tossing once or twice so they cook evenly.”

The glaze is optional but it’s not to be missed for those wanting to impress with their air fryer sprouts this Christmas.

To make it, just combine the honey, butter, red wine vinegar and red pepper flakes in the same bowl used for the Brussels sprouts.

Microwave on high until butter is melted then, when the Brussels sprouts are finished cooking, add them back to the bowl and toss to coat with glaze.

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