Astrologer shares most important piece of advice for each zodiac sign

Everyone has their challenges in life but the obstacles we face vary from individual to individual.

Taking into account the zodiac signs’ personality traits and characteristics, astrologer Jessica Adams offered an important piece of advice to each one.

She spoke exclusively to about how Cancer, Leo and Virgo can create better outcomes and live life to the fullest.

Talking to Cancer, the astrologer pointed to the sign’s strong relationships with others.

Jessica said: “You are a crab, as you know, but you are also like a homing pigeon who will make your life decisions based on your extended family of friends and relations. One very special address will always be in your memories.

“The sign of the two scales, Libra, rules your sense of belonging. Two people or two halves of one family will always give you the happiness you need.

“This is about two sides of the same family, throughout your life, or two branches of the same social circle, perhaps through a married couple.

“The addresses you have photographs of, or videos of, tell you about the party, wedding or other celebration every time, but it’s the bonds that last forever that count.”

Talking to Leo (July 23 to August 22), Jessica advised that money and relationships will be central, intertwining themes for them.

She said: “Leo, you have the finance and property sign Scorpio ruling your extended family or relations and friends.

“It’s more like a dynasty, thanks to the legacies which name you, but also the will you make out to others. Property and money to be shared between three generations (and even animals) makes you who you are, over the fullness of your life.

“It really depends on the family or assorted household, or group of family and friends, you are dealing with at different periods, but it will almost feel like a royal family. Princess Anne is a Leo. The Queen Mother was a Leo. The Duchess of Sussex is a Leo. Princess Beatrice is a Leo too.”

Virgo (August 23 to September 23) might have to make an emotion-fuelled physical journey.

Jessica said: “Straight and true, when it comes to your emotions, Virgo, you are always the woman or man on a mission, symbolically wearing Mercury’s characteristic wings on your helmet and shoes. Mercury is your ruler. He is the messenger of the gods.

“Your message is always about a relationship, close friendship or relative as destiny says you will live miles apart. You may literally need to fly.

“Virgo, you will forever be on some kind of expedition or mission. Your chart says this is not just tourism, it is about strong feelings and rich emotions.

“There is more to this than just a trip. You are coming with an offering from your heart and soul. Making the journey is how you prove your feelings.”

Jessica Adams also told the biggest piece of advice she’d give to Aries, Taurus and Gemini.

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