Astrologer claims one zodiac sign is the ‘meanest’ of them all

Nobody is kind all the time and everyone has their moody, mean moments on occasion. But according to one astrologer, being nasty nastiness comes more easily to some of us than others.

Keen astrologer Madison Carter, Web Editor For Astrofame, claimed to know which star sign is the “meanest” and which is the “nicest”.

She said: “Now you’ll know once and for all who’ll have your back and who will stab you in it!”

According to Madison, the meanest of all the zodiac signs is Scorpio, although they do have plenty of good qualities too.

The astrologer claimed: “Scorpio personality is very passionate and can at times let their feelings get on top of them.

“They are willing to do anything for their loved ones, and you expect the same thing from them too.

“They are very demanding and will do anything to get what they want, even when it comes to being mean.”

Cancer is apparently another “mean” sign, surpassed only by Scorpio. The astrologer warned anyone who may have wronged them.

Madison said: “For a Cancer personality, revenge is a dish best-served cold. Cancer would do anything for their friends and family, however when a Cancer feels attacked their mean and vengeful side is eager to come out to play.”

Both Scorpio and Cancer are very passionate signs, and their passion can translate into ruthlessness pretty easily.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Aquarius, the “kindest” of all 12 signs.

According to the astrologer, this sign “hates conflict and drama”, so much so that others might even take advantage of their good nature.

This zodiac sign simply does not have the desire or energy to shout at others or put them down – they’d much rather just get along with everyone.

Which zodiac signs are the most dishonest? Beware, some will lie easily straight to your face. 

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