Anupamaa December 2, 2023: MaAn Get Angry at Pakhi for Brainwashing Little Anu

In today’s episode of Anupamaa, Anu imparts a valuable lesson about respecting elders to a young girl, emphasising the importance of such values in one’s life. Anuj, concerned about the incident, warns the manager to take care of his responsibilities and assures the elderly man that he can contact him if faced with a similar situation in the future. Anupamaa December 1, 2023 Written Update: MaAn Teach a Lesson to Young Girl Misbehaving With an Elderly Man!

Anupama and Anuj, motivated to enhance the lives of others, decide to expedite the establishment of their old age home. Following this decision, they quickly order food before heading home. Meanwhile, Dimpy surprises Titu by showing up at the academy just as he is about to close. Titu acknowledges the different care she receives from her family and expresses his admiration for her resilience in the face of life’s challenges.

Back at home, Dimpy confides in Titu about the difficulties she faces, with everyone accusing her of various things. Leela shares her restlessness with Hasmukh, trying to convince herself that everything will be fine now that Vanraj has returned. Anu seeks comfort from Anuj and Anupama, revealing her fear of ghosts, to which Anupama reassures her with the presence of fairies and angels.

The next morning, Vanraj, seemingly making amends, gives medicines to Leela and Hasmukh. However, his demeanour changes when the topic of Kavya’s routine checkup arises, and he refuses to accompany her, citing work commitments. This leads to emotional turmoil, with Vanraj quickly preparing for Dimpy’s checkup instead, leaving Kavya hurt.

Anupama notices Pakhi and Adhik heading to the doctor and offers her support, but Pakhi declines. Anuj then informs Anupama that he will take Anu to school, leaving her to accompany Dimpy to the clinic. This triggers jealousy in Pakhi, who suggests that Anupama will forget her once Dimpy’s baby arrives. Anuj and Anupama vehemently refute this, defending Chhoti Anu’s importance in their lives.

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Anuj later discovers that Malti Devi and Barkha have made similar remarks and brainwashed Anu. In response, he promises to address the issue upon his return. Anupama, standing before Kanhaji’s idol, expresses that respect is lost, and actions will be judged without any mercy.

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