Wheeler Dealers star unveils ‘inventive’ technique thieves used to steal classic Ford

Wheeler Dealers host Mike Brewer has re-lived the exact moment a classic Ford Fiesta Mk1 was stolen outside a hotel just hours after the model was fully restored. 

The TV star claimed the thieves were “quite inventive” as criminals tore through a series of chains and locks to get access to the historic model. 

He revealed the car took just 25 minutes to steal despite the team working on the machine for days on end to bring it back to its best. 

It is estimated that only four historic Mk1 Fiestas remain in the UK with the restoration a special tribute to the brand after Ford decided to end production of the popular range. 

However, the model was snatched while filming the show just hours before the car was supposed to appear at a special Ford motoring show. 

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, he said: “It was such a shock. You never think that do you? 

“We had it in a covered trailer with a transportation company which was not only chained to the vehicle it was on, it had the tow bar obviously but it was chained. 

“It also had wheel locks on it but no they were quite inventive. 

“They parked a big lorry in front of the security cameras of the hotel and they spent the next 25 minutes behind the lorry with cutters, angle grinders and all kinds of things to steal it.”

Mike secured the model for just £4,000 after negotiating the seller down from their previous £5,000 asking price.

The duo immediately got to work on the project with an eye-watering £11,200 spent on development. 

This included completely repairing the engine, installing new water and oil pumps and giving the bodywork a fresh update. 

The pair have repeatedly appealed for the model to be returned but have received no information on its whereabouts. 

Mr Brewer previously told Express.co.uk that he would be willing to pay £5,000 cash for information which leads to its discovery with plans to mount the model on a plinth if it was found.

However, Mike is still unsure whether the heist was pre-planned to target the Fiesta or whether they had set their sights on something else.

He commented: “It was a very expensive covered trailer as well that we lost. So maybe they were just going for the trailer and there happens to be a priceless Ford Fiesta inside.”

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